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Welcome to my February 2002 photo album from Japan. I'm afraid I don't have a very exciting selection for you this month. There's only one of yours truly, and plastic food is featured more often than it should be.
Still, when viewed together these photos give an insight into what life in Japan is like on a daily basis, well, that's my excuse anyhow.

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Tenggu, the Japanese big-nosed monster who likes hanging around railway stations.
He could do some serious damage with that thing.
Kae and I had about twenty minutes of fun sliding down the banisters.
He's back, and this time he's got wings...
This 12 storey building landed right in front of our eyes...
A Japanese cemetry, I'm not sure why, but I like this photo a lot.
Ojizousan, a wee Budha character who can't get enough of sweeping.
Here I demonstrate the latest fashion craze in Tokyo: Roll one trouser leg up.

3 wee Budhas
Yochan (Yoshiko Ozawa), Kae's best friend, visits to witness me get drunk again.
Asakusa, possibly THE most touristy place in Tokyo where you are spoilt for choice when it comes to traditional Japanese stuff.
The entry gate to Asakusa Temple.
A very big Pagoda, Asakusa.
Before entering the temple, one should bath oneself in incense from this huge pot to bless and protect.
The Japanese Prime Minister in latex. Recently, Koizumi has become a little too chummy for my liking with that war freak Bush.
Shame about the lack of light... but this little boy didn't seem to happy with his hair-style!
Maneki Neko - inviting fortune and wealth upon all. The left arm moves up and down beckoning punters into shops and restaurants.
THE street for someone setting up a restaurant. This 6 metre high chap marks the start of it.
Scary lifesize chef complete with teapot that would keep my mum and dad supplied with Earl Grey almost all day.
Snazzy coffee-cup balconies on restaurant-supply-street.
Signs galore!
Having a Greek Wedding? This is the place to come!
Green Tea cups.
If you need to give someone a good spanking you're in luck.
Plastic Food! You'll find it outside hundreds of thousands of restaurants in Japan. It really is remarkably lifelike, and in this shop you could buy a perfect plastic replica of almost any dish.
The Chilled Food Display - or not as the case is here. It really is a great invention as you can see exactly what you're ordering. One of these plastic meals costs about ¥2,000 (£10.00).
He's got no reason to complain as he's made entirely of plastic. You almost can't tell these artificial masterpieces from the real thing.
The plum (ume) blossom marks the approach of spring
A Shamisen (3-stringed twang-twang guitar) player in our local park on a Sunday afternoon.


To read the stories that accompany these photos, click here

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