Friday, September 22, 2006

Episode 01 - Arrival

Finally, after a couple of weeks of delays caused by the loss of my camera at Birmingham airport and then issues with my mic (where did I put that hammer...?), I've managed to get episode 1 of A Year in Japan together.

OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh it's so exciting! In store for you we have:

- An update on what I've been up to since arrival
- Brief interviews with Nagai Sensei and Jon Perry
- Bilibowl: the all new craze sweeping Japan!
- Headline News featuring dogs running loose on beach
- A fantastic musical interlude by the Undercover Hippy a.k.a. Billy Salisbury
- Guest Statistic!

Download Episode 01 now (it's totally free)

Advanced version (suitable for most computers and iPods etc. Features chapter markers, photos and hyperlinks)

Basic MP3 version (suitable for clockwork computers and other devices that refuse to play the advanced version. Audio only).

More listening options here

I hope you enjoy listening to it - please do send me feedback: joseph[at-mark] (mp3 messages also ok)
Skype: josephtame


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