Sunday, October 22, 2006

Episode 02 - Futon Fiasco

Ok, ok, I know it's about 3 weeks late... but I've been BUSY! ...and this has been no ordainary busyness either. We're talking so little free time that I haven't had time to put a fresh pair of socks on since I moved house at the beginning of the month.

Anyway, episode 02 is here in all it's raw, terribly-unedited glory, featuring an update on all the goss, an exploration into the world of futon needles, the real reason behind North Korea's recent nuclear weapon test, an amazingly exciting competition, and more stuff of equally questionable quality.

Download Episode 02 now (it's totally free) (and utterly shoddy).

Advanced version (suitable for most computers and iPods etc. Features chapter markers, photos and hyperlinks)

Basic MP3 version (suitable for wind-up gramaphones and other devices that refuse to play the advanced version. Audio only).

More listening options here

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