Thursday, November 09, 2006

Episode 03 - Holiday Special

Episode 3 - the Holiday Special - is out now!

61 minutes of pure unadulterated story telling, and if you download the Advanced version you get about 30 photos to illustrate my mumbling.

Our trip to Kyoto, Osaka, the most incredible graveyard in the whole world ever, a helicopter ride, and so much more - it's all in Episode 3.

Written stories and more photos that accompany this episode will be uploaded to this page over next few days.

Download Episode 03 now (it's a totally free 61 minutes of fun!).

Advanced version (suitable for most computers and iPods etc. Features chapter markers, over 25 photos, and hyperlinks)

Basic MP3 version (suitable for wind-up gramaphones and other devices that refuse to play the advanced version. Audio only).

More listening options here

Feedback welcome: joseph[at-mark] (mp3 messages also ok)
Skype: josephtame


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