Thursday, June 28, 2007

Episode 10.5 out now!

In the mini-episode 10.5 of the podcast that is for Japan-lovers what the iPhone is for MacAddicts, A Year in Japan, Joseph is inviting you to submit ideas and requests for the final episode of the current series of A Year in Japan, to be broadcast in a couple of weeks.

Please send you ideas and requests to: joseph[at-mark]
OR leave a comment below.

Download Episode 10.5 now (a whole 6 minutes of requesting)

Advanced Version (suitable for most computers and iPods etc.

Basic MP3 version (suitable for wind-up gramaphones and other devices that refuse to play the advanced version).

More listening options here

Feedback welcome: joseph[at-mark] (mp3 messages / videos also ok)
Skype: josephtame


Blogger Karamoon said...

Joseph, please record part of episode 11 in Koishikawa Korakuen Koen. It's the perfect place to sit and reflect on the previous 12 months. It would be great if Twinkle was with you too. It's best to get to the park from Iidabashi station. Admission costs 300 Yen.

Also, please mention "Snack Fan Japan", my Japanese snack blog. It's not very good, but that's no reason not to recommend it to the tens of thousands of listeners out there in the land of "teh interweb".


10:40 PM  

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