Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Episode 11 - Filming with the stars for my Japanese TV Drama Debut

In the last show of series one of A Year in Japan, Joseph brings you up to date with the hectic final month of his Year in Japan as a university student.

Hear the story about how a drunken hair cut almost cost him his Fuji TV Drama debut, in which he stars alongside the multiple award-winning major celeb/actress Tokiwa Takako.

There's also news on his engagement to *Twinkle* too - exactly how did he propose?

Then there's his next mega-exciting super duper project: 28 Days Halfway Around the World, a trans-siberian adventure that starts on August 14th 2007 (See

All this and much much more in Episode 11 of A Year in Japan.

Download Episode 11 now (66 minutes of incredible audio editing!)

Advanced Version
(suitable for most computers and iPods etc. Features chapter markers, lots of photos, and hyperlinks)

Basic MP3 version (suitable for wind-up gramaphones and other devices that refuse to play the advanced version. Audio only).

More listening options here

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Blogger Peter said...

Hey man, love your podcasts. Really fun and relaxing.
I love the japanese culture and am studying japanese at home. Downloaded all Pimsleur audio and bought a couple of books.
Too bad your year there is over, really had a lot of fun hearing them, well I still have got to hear the last 2.
Good luck on your life projects.

6:16 PM  

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