A Year in Japan is available in two formats;
these can both be listened to either on your computer
or on your MP3 player. Which one you choose depends on how modern and clever your listening device is.

1) Advanced (MPEG4): this includes audio, chapter markers, photos, and hyperlinks. It's the sexier version. Try this one first. If it doesn't work, swear mildly, and then go for the Basic version instead.

2) Basic (MP3): This is identical to the Advanced version, but without the chapter markers, photos, or hyperlinks (but it does have audio!). Less sexy but nonetheless fantastic listening.

If you do not have iTunes or other podcast-subscribing software, no problem; simply enter your email address below, and whenever a new episode is released you will receive an email with a link directly to it. You can unsubscribe at any time.


All feedback welcome: joseph[at-mark]ayearinjapan.com

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