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The Latest in Japanese Home Comforts
The Fridge with Voice Guidance. It will talk back to you as well, and is particularly vocal if you leave it open! The problem is remembering which of the 6 doors you put the milk behind... Lightly touch the pad on the front and the door will automatically open. Do away with wrestling over-enthusiastic magnetic door seals.
Inclined to make you smile... Massage chairs are the most popular attraction in electric stores as weary businessmen stop by on their way home to use the "Demo" function. These things are very strong, clamping your legs in place as mallets inside the chair pound your spine, bottom and thighs. The latest in Hamster Cages... or not as the case may be. Here with have a dish-dryer. A really useless invention as anyone who has the space or money to waste on one of these would already have a dishwasher that dries the plates in any case!
The Videophone door bell. Check out the idiot on the phone's TV screen taking a photo. The ultimate home comfort - The Electronic Slippers! Plug these in for half-an-hour and your feet will stay nice and toasty all evening! (You'd need a very long extension lead...)

The classic bottom-washing toilet, complete with remote control and various options such as water temperature-control and several rythmical massage settings. On the right you see the latest version in the shops which will set you back a mere £300. If we didn't already have one I swear I would have bought one there and then. CAUTION: you will get very wet when attempting to photograph these toilet seats in action!

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