Mum and Dad have recently embarked upon a course of evening art classes.

Having never done anything like it in the past, they've thoroughly enjoyed the challenges that this has presented.

The range of styles that they have been covering varies considerably, from watercolour depictions of postcard scenes to still-life charcoal drawings.

Here, for the first time, some of their recent work can be seen in all of its glory.

First off then, a painting of the ruins of a castle that mum completed late last year. Bearing in mind the fact that she has been painting for only a few months, I think you'll agree that this is pretty spectacular.



© copywrite 2004 Anne Tame



Having set the scene, we move on to some of dad's still-life work.

It should be noted that the models were actually human.

In the first one, I particularly like the Cling-on head and the leg that turns into a shrivelled piece of cloth.



© copywrite 2004 Peter Tame





© copywrite 2004 Peter Tame



If I was this model (a gentleman in his 50's) I'm not sure I'd be too happy about the accuracy of these drawings. In the first one (above) I have no nose, and in the second one (below) I think I'd prefer to have no nose.



© copywrite 2004 Peter Tame


Dad's drawings have become the source of great amusement within the family. When he's got such great competition (mum) you have to admire his courage in carrying on (not to mention giving me permission to publish these online!).

The thing is though, I do really like these pictures. Forget the fact that they are suppossed to be real people and they become classics - you can imagine them being the work of an artist whose unique style is legendary.

It might just happen.