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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

God is a Sony Employee

There's no doubt about it, God is a Sony employee.

How else could this miracle have happened? The miracle that is the release of Sony's Alpha100 Digital SLR camera.

I just received an email from Sony, announcing next month's release of this beautiful bit of kit.

And beautiful it is. Check out these specs. (You'll find the official Sony site here).

Incredible. I've been planning to get a digital SLR for some time, and here we are, the first entry-level (i.e. affordable) digital SLR with some truly sexy capabilities. And ofcourse, I'll get 10% off with my Yodobashi Gold Point card, then I might get it tax free as well, being a gaijin, possibly...

oooohh I'm so excited. How am I expected to concentrate on this article, "Is Japanese Capitalism Post-Fordism", with the A100 on my mind...?


oooh, that review, I didn't realise it was 6 pages long. Oozing sex all the way through...

Mind you, that piece on Japanese management turned out to be really interesting. never buy a car from Toyota, that's all I'll say. Worse than Vietnamese sweatshops those plants are. Same goes for Nissan. Lean production? Management by stress me thinks...

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Blogger Joseph said...

p.s. Maybe I should change my wallpaper to this...

7/6/06 08:29  
Blogger Joseph said...

another excellent review here, I'm not obsessed

7/6/06 08:41  
Anonymous Jason Newton said...

Calm down, man.

7/6/06 09:06  
Blogger Joseph said...

I tell you what, I couldn't sleep last night. The thought of that image stabalisation function, and the display that automatically flips to teh vertical when you tilt the camera...

7/6/06 16:45  

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