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Sunday, October 15, 2006


Another 12 hours per day to

- Update The Daily Mumble with exciting tales of festivals, food, step ladders and DIY

- Upload multiple photos taken in recent days

- Learn the kanji for the upcoming exam

- Deal with email inbox, untouched for a week

- Finish recovery procedure following massive data loss which has so far cost hundreds of pounds and countless hours to deal with (argh argh)

- Record 2nd episode of "A Year in Japan" podcast series

- shoot video of people STILL running backwards in the park

- Upload audio of the most chicken-like person I have yet come across. Recorded in secret in shoe shop.

- do the washing up

If you are a spare hour or twelve, and are looking for somewhere to feel useful, please get in touch.


I do happen to have a few shots of Hamarikkyo Park (situated on the banks of Tokyo bay) to hand, and shall leave you with them for now.

It just begs the question,
no what with pet?


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