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Friday, May 04, 2007

The most beautiful sound in the whole wide world

Can you hear it? A faint "shuffty shuffty shuffty" kind of sound?

You know what it is?

It's the sound of pure joy. Of relief. Of YIPPPPEEEEEEE!!!

It is the sound of 42 pages of a Year Abroad Project reeling off my HP printer. Tomorrow it shall be photocopied, and dispatched to Sheffield University.

This morning, I promised myself I'd get it finished today, and I have. Yes, it is a pile of poo, and yes, I am a little concerned that I might not actually pass as it is so weak in terms of theory, and yes, I am not at all proud of it, but heck, it's done. It's been a monster. I defeated it. Raaaaaaa.

From here on I can concentrate on my Japanese, as that's what I'm here to do.


and goodnight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I feel that mine will probably be finished... maybe on Wednesday. Hahahahahahahhaa oh dear.

4/5/07 12:15  
Anonymous Amelia said...

Joseph the Project-Slayer! :D Congratulations! Save a seat for me on that side of paradise, okay?

4/5/07 14:52  

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