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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Penguins, Mars and dance steps

I found some amazing footage today of a colony of flying penguins on the BBC iPlayer. (sadly only available to UK viewers, I think, or if you're my Facebook friend you can see it there)

Meanwhile, Virgin and Google have teamed up to launch Project Virgle - they're establishing a colony on Mars! Thing is though, we can apply to join it! Start a new life over, be a pioneer! It's really tempting.

In other news, I note that Gmail users can now send emails in the past! This is great news, I can now reply to emails before I've even received them - talk about being efficient!

Oh oh oh and check this out - Interview with Steve Jobs on Mahola daily!



Anonymous Ronald said...

Branson did say: "for the rest of your life" , didn't he?!!!!
Talk about commitment!

3/4/08 23:10  
Blogger Joseph said...

Yes, but what an opportunity! I hope I get through.

3/4/08 23:12  
Anonymous ronald said...

and be parted from twinkle for ever?
...although you might get a nice robotic replacement.

3/4/08 23:22  
Blogger Joseph said...

no robot could so the things she does...!

3/4/08 23:23  
Blogger Joseph said...

I just remembered, you're Ronald McDonald aren't you? You could set up your first intergalactic branch there. Might be worth you having a word with Richard.

3/4/08 23:24  

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