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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Team management profile - my report

A couple of weeks prior to coming on this 'Change event' I, and all other participants, were sent a (60 question) questionnaire to fill in order that a "Team Management Profile" could be drawn up. A TMP is essentially a 25 page report on you, showing your preferred roles within a team, detailing your strengths and weaknesses, providing areas for self-assessment (improvement), and giving pointers for others that wish to interact with you effectively.

I was pretty cynical when answering the questions, but having received my report I'm stunned. It is incredibly accurate - almost scarily so. I'm an explorer / promoter. I like challenges, constantly seek new projects, have a high energy level and am outgoing.

It goes on to talk about how,
"whilst you enjoy other people's views,"it is likely that you will have clear ideals, standards and convictions which guide your decision-making. You rely on your 'sixth sense' to tell you what is right."

"Your gift for expression is particularly forceful when you are proposing a line of action based on your personal values. Indeed, some may say you don't always support your ideas and beliefs with sufficient facts and hard evidence."

I think that latter point is demonstrated time and time again here, in the Mumble, when I blog about something that I feel passionate about, even when I lack any evidence to back up the argument behind my feelings. I've been aware of that for some time now, and I think it's a 'lack of time' for carrying out sufficient research that has come to make me hesitate to mumble as much as I may have done beforehand about immediate issues, out of concern to not be talking complete crap.

There's another warning for me a little later on in the report.

"You probably feel you involve people a lot in the decision-making process because you talk to them a great deal. You may wish to check up to see if they really do feel involved, in the sense that they can influence you as opposed to their being influenced by you. The more experienced you are, the better you will be able to handle this important balance."

I tell you, I feel like the author of this report has been stalking me. I recognise that danger in the way I interact with people, and although it is something I do try to counter by asking for sincere opinions, I know that that I find it difficult to not put across my feelings that are often founded on passion and core beliefs.

"You value harmony and co-operation, but can be a strong opponent if crossed" - I think the university's parking services could vouch for that!

What makes everyone laugh is looking at the Norm data - where you are compared to global norms.

Out of a sample of 151,616 people:

- 91% are more introverted than me
- 75% are more practical than me (I am more creative, apparently)
- 86% are more analytical than me (I'm belief's orientated - a look at any of my story-tale essays will back that up!)
- 84% are more flexible than me (rubbish!)

I would take issue with that final one. It must have been the wording of the questions that skewed the answer!

Whilst it is of course by no means foolproof, this TMP does seem to pick up on core behaviours and beliefs. I'd recommend anyone who has the opportunity to do it, to do it.

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