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Monday, June 02, 2008

An act of altruistic kindness

Into the home straight then - 45 hours until the end of my final exam. Needless to say, I am somewhat excited at the prospect of finishing.

Since my mumble a few days back about the difficulties of being in a long-distance relationship (in which I described the hoops that need to be jumped through to obtain a spouse visa), *Twinkle* and I have been the very fortunate beneficiaries of an extraordinary act of kindness. It was totally unexpected, and left us both somewhat dumbfounded. It really is an answer to our prayers, and basically means that all the stress of wondering when we might be able to start our new life together following our wedding, is gone.

We are very, very grateful.

This changes the situation completely, and for the first time, I feel really excited about what I see happening over the next few months. There's no longer that feeling of frustration at the idea of being separated from *Twinkle* for even longer, unable to get on with life, just because of bureaucratic red tape. Our energy can now be directed towards doing everything we can to make it work.

We really are enormously grateful to our benefactor. I find their kindness truly inspiring - knowing what a huge difference it has made to us reinforces for me just how important it is to always do whatever one can for others, when possible.

Thank you so much.


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