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Monday, July 14, 2008

Wedding plans

I was woken this morning by a bird fighting a cat for its life, following the launch of nature’s latest reality TV program ‘Battle for Supreme Animal of Wales’. Peeking out of my door (the one which was falling off its hinges until I screwed it back on last night) I couldn’t see the competitors, a cat and a sparrow, although I could hear them. High pitched cheeps pierced my eardrums, interspersed with loud hisses from the cat as the bird launched a volley of carefully aimed lime . The cameras are being operated by a local hedgehog and sparrowhawk (with digital cameras strapped to their heads); these feed back to the mixing desk controlled by Badger Boris, who despite being in his 90s has embraced digital media in a way that has surprised his children. The program will be aired on YouTube next month.

A few minutes after waking I got a call from *Twinkle*, she’s sounding good, and has been looking for decorations for the wedding reception. In three days she’ll be halfway here, something I’m having trouble comprehending. If anyone out there is making a program about romantic reunions make your way to Terminal 5 on Thursday, we can offer some very competitive sponsorship deals. That reminds me, must phone BA today to ask about the wedding dress - don't want it getting lost in the legendary terminal 5 baggage handling system.

It’s all coming together nicely, this wedding thing. Thanks to Mums#2 & 3 we now have hundreds of plates and bowls, and a collection of tents, mattresses and sleeping bags for some guests who have not camped before - this includes a family who are over here from China - I’ve assured them that it’s an important part of British culture and thus something that must be experienced during their stay. Let’s just hope the 20-year-old airbeds don’t go flat on them in the night!

Later today I’ll be picking up the key for the venue to have a nosey around, then going to meet the Decoration Guru. This evening I’m visiting our friend the catering manager, so hopefully following that I can get an email out to all guests with final details on what’s happening.

We’ve been in touch with the Forestry Commission and have been granted permission to plant our Oak tree (grown from an acorn found here on the Welsh Garden Project) in a local Millennium Wood (that’ll be on the day before the wedding) - a part of us will always be in the valley.

The 45-hour honeymoon is pretty much sorted. It will take place along the M4 corridor on the way to Heathrow - romantic or what?! No, but we have got a couple of very nice hotels booked, so even if it is short, it will be sweet. We’ll have a ‘proper’ honeymoon once back in Japan.

After the wedding I’m going to be so busy with my TEFL course that the five week visa wait should fly by. They’ve already sent me the pre-course assignment. That can wait until *Twinkle*s gone back to Japan, 13 days from now…



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