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Thursday, August 21, 2008

CELTA - it's like a rocket-propelled knitting competition


Despite only getting to sleep shortly before 3am last night, and despite having not slept more than 5 hours in the previous 44 hours, I still woke up at 6.30am of my own accord.

It's been like this ever since I started CELTA. This is very unusual for me - normally I need a good 8 hours sleep each night (it's an integral part of my epilepsy-management program for starters).

I can think of 3 reasons why this is happening though.

1) I have to wake up at 6am three days a week to deliver sushi, thus my internal body clock is now tuned to that routine.
2) There's no curtains at my friend's house. I've not made time to get any big sheets of black paper with which to keep the morning light out.
3) ADRENALINE! This is a major factor. Doing CELTA is like taking part in a rocket-propelled knitting competition. The pace is extreme, and you can't let your attention falter: in addition to staying on course generally, every mile you have to deposit a freshly-knitted Tea-cosy at the checkpoint (a.k.a. teach guinea pig students every other day).

Studies have show that the adrenaline produced by this high speed knitting competition is equivalent in volume to that produces by 54 bungee jumps.

By the time next Friday comes around I should be a pro at both plain and pearl.

Wow. What a snug-fitting metaphor (...perhaps I should get some more sleep!)

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Blogger Brian said...

Wow, three post in one night. You are obviously phsyed up about being reunited with your wife and working in 日本. And, might I add, rightly so.

Get some sleep and take care of your health.

22/8/08 00:22  
Blogger Joseph said...

Thanks for your comments Brian!

The posts are therapy. Need to get it out there!

22/8/08 03:27  

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