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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hello from Tokyo

hello hello, brief update from amongst the piles of *stuff*.

It's so good to be back with *Twinkle*. Things are better than ever. Interesting how marriage has changed the relationship (in a good way).

We moved into our new apartment. It's small, and suffers from damp, although that should improve once the heat passes. Good location (very close to city centre), next to a big park so we have a nice green view.

We'll move as soon as we can afford it though, as we're told it's absolutely freezing in winter.

I've applied for my gaijin card and health insurance, bought my iPhone. It is as lovely as I thought it might be. Strokey strokey.

Have a job interview Monday which I'm looking forward to. Need to get down IKEA too and get some bookshelves, I'm not too good at living in such a messy environment.

Been feeling a bit shocked at being here, keep on having to remind myself that it's not just for one year this time. Really looking forward to feeling settled.


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Blogger Orchid64 said...

Welcome back.

7/9/08 12:35  
Blogger Brian said...

Welcome home!

I am glad your back. And, that your getting your marriage life started on the right foot( or the left one).

Is the Japan you left still here, or is the Japan you find your self in now totally different?

I know how you feel about the apt's in Tokyo! This one reason why I moved to Aomori-ken. On the other hand Tokyo has everything so it's a great place to be. If you are ever in Aomori I will be more than happy to show you around.

Ah, you're getting your
Gaikoku-jin Torokusho Shoumeisho.
Did they inform you that you will need to have keep that card with you at all times?

The first Spouse or Child of Japanese national visa you recieve should be for one year, the 2nd will be for three or more years. A year before that one expires you can apply for (Eijyuken/Permanent Residency.

Be ready for the "why should we hire you?" and "what are strong and weak points?" questions. If they do not ask you those question I'll be very surprised. So, please tell us if they don't. I know I'd love to hear about it.

Are, you going for a conversational /ESL job, an ALT job, or something totally different?

See you later,
(19:00 Japan time)

7/9/08 18:58  
Blogger Joseph said...

Thank you both - it's good to be back!


"Is the Japan you left still here, or is the Japan you find your self in now totally different?"

It's a bit of both, I'll blog about it soon. I don't think I'm really 'here' yet though.

Thanks for the invite to Aomori - I have fond memories of my trip there 8 years ago. I remember eating a HUGE shrimp there.

"Did they inform you that you will need to have keep that card with you at all times?"

Yes, and of course especially if you're riding a bicycle. Riding a bicycle is the fastest way to get the attention of police in Japan!


Thanks for the tips on teh interview. I'll let you know how it goes!

The job I'm going for is training corporate staff. Details as yet unknown.


7/9/08 22:43  
Blogger Brian said...

Have you tryied:

It's somewhat like Ekitan online and free, too.

8/9/08 19:14  
Blogger Joseph said...

thanks Brian, I'd forgetten about that one!

9/9/08 01:58  

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