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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Joseph's got a job

The days of unemployment are soon to come to an end. This morning I was the grateful recipient of a job offer from a man who, six years ago said, "If we were truly scraping the bottom of the barrel, we would probably hire [Joseph] again, but we would all have to be delusional to do so." (to see the reference in its entirity, and very exciting photos of me at work, click here).

I'm very happy to be working for Mr. D again. He really is one of the nicest people I've ever had the fortune to be ruled over by. I take up my full time position on Monday 6th October.

I'm also grateful to Shari, my ex-colleague who who knew of my situation having read the Daily Mumble, and made enquiries on my behalf that resulted in this happy conclusion. That's the second time I've got a good job through this web site!

Thank you Shari!

In the meantime, I've got more private work coming in. Yesterday I met a lady for what I thought was going to be a private lesson, but turned out to be a kind of interview for a part-time position at a small school in Shibuya. The flexible hours work well for me, and the pay's OK too.

I was also offered a part-time job with a company that my friend Tom works for, Phoenix Associates. Based on my interview experience/ subsequent communication, and his feedback, I get the impression that they are very good people to work for (I mean, for one thing they all use brand new Macs).

Knowing that I'll be working soon helps me relax. It's all very well being a house-husband (I quite enjoy the housework), but when there's debts to be paid and your wife is spending all day in the office, well, it feels a bit off.

Ho hum. Best do the hoovering.



Blogger Brian said...

I am happy you were able to land a new job. I have heard of phoenix associates, but I've never heard anything bad about them so it must be a good sign.

19/9/08 09:47  
Blogger Orchid64 said...

You're a gracious and advanced soul, Joseph. :-)

The last person I assisted with a successful job search (someone who I have issues with so you know who I mean) never thanked me beyond discrediting my assistance by saying, "I would have applied anyway."

You deserve all the good karma that comes your way for putting yourself out there and trying to grow as a person.

19/9/08 10:07  
Blogger Joseph said...

Thank you both :-)

19/9/08 19:20  

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