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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunday morning, 7am

These days make me feel so happy and fortunate to be alive. Last
night's event was something I won't forget, although I think I'll
remember it more as some kind of mirage as all throughout it I
couldn't quite believe it was happening (if I had believed it I would
have panicked!). I'll write more about it later.

I'm now on my way to meet Tom on platform 3 at Naka Meguro, from where
we'll get the subway to the emperor's somewhat large front garden.
It's a beautiful morning for jogging. I've just been doing some
stretching by the fountain in the park outside our house - surrounded
by people in their late sixties doing the same (only they do it
without groaning with effort).

Recently I've been listening to Stephanie Dosen quite a bit. She's a
folk singer with a beautiful voice, thoroughly reccomend her.

Anyway, I'm at Naka Meguro now, must dash!


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