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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Third anniversary

We're sitting at the kitchen table, eating third anniversary curry.

Happy anniversary us!

(insert appropriate photo of happy couple)


Blogger Orchid64 said...

Congratulations. :-)

10/10/08 09:02  
Blogger Joseph said...

Thank you :o)

10/10/08 14:09  
OpenID cherrysherbet said...

Congratulations! Hope you had a lovely evening. I have never been alert enough to notice the date I start going out with someone so have never successfully celebrated an anniversary haha.

10/10/08 15:31  
Blogger Francesca said...

Time flies eh? I remember your posts when you first met *Twinkle* :D Been lovely to follow your relationship and many congratulations.

10/10/08 19:49  
Blogger Joseph said...

Thank you Cherrysherbet, francesca.

(we are aided in remembering the date as one of us has it included in our email address!)

11/10/08 09:48  

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