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The Daily Mumble has moved!

This is an archive copy only and will no longer be updated.

The new edition can be found at Please update your bookmarks.

The feed address has not changed - subscribe here if you're not subscribed already!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Daily Mumble has moved - Please update your bookmarks

Tuesday the 10th of February 2009 will make the 7th anniversary of the inaugural edition of The Daily Mumble.

In those 7 years, the only significant change was the switch (in January 2006) to using to write, marking the end of my use of static html pages.

The design never really changed, and some would say that the content didn't either :-)

Recently, I've grown only too aware of the limitations of publishing via Blogger, and simultaneously amazed by how incredibly good Wordpress now is.

I've also felt a need throw off the old design ...and bearing in mind what I wrote in my previous post, it seems only appropriate that now be the time to change it.

So, The Daily Mumble has moved. This version will stay here as an archive copy, but will no longer be updated.

The new version can be found at

If you are reading this is an RSS feed reader, you probably subscribed to the Mumble a long time ago, and need to update the feed.

The Feed is now

The new site is deliberately simple. It's going to get more exciting and colourful over time, but that's not a priority at the moment.

So, bye bye little blue Mumble, thanks for letting me scribble on your walls for the past 7 years.


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