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February 2002 - December 2005

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December 2005
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September 2005
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August 2005
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December 2004
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November 2004
Sheffield, England

October 2004
England & Wales

September 2004

England & Wales

from the gutters to the stars - Frightfest to Fat Boy Slim; my new home, bang in the middle of the Red Light district!; Sheffield Uni Mature Student's Welcome Day; no, it's not a wig, it's Rich being normal; my latest bit of media exposure; goodbye to Garfield; Fresher's Week Day 00 Vital Statistics; Fresher's Week Day 01 Vital Statistics; Welcome to the Red Light Cupboard; Fresher's Week Day 02 Vital Statistics; Introducing my flatmates; A letter back home; Fresher's Week Day 04 Vital Statistics; hangover alert!; relationships and uni don't mix; Wage Peace; The Hereford Waldorf School 21st Birthday Celebration...

August 2004

England & Wales

attack of the chisel-wielding blindman at Southmead Hospital; a lovely bit of swelling; WOMAD Rivermead 2004; the wonders of deleted-file-recovery software (your secret is safe with me love); post-puke advice; my uni budget; a blob of dog-poo smelling puss drops from my mouth; my nephew jamie; the smallest toilet in the west; the nature of moving spirits; nostalgia with a difference (how far from lectures to the bar and the bar to bed?); the trauma of pre-ejaculated sperm; the Bradwell Mill Gathering: taking the house on holiday, Surfin' Woolacombe, campfires by night, it's art my dear, the secret beach, arson?, don't go to the dinosaur park...

July 2004

England & Wales

getting old ...or just having a bit of taste?; precoscious teenagers; my friend is a rapist ; Happy Birthday to you, and you, and you; causing a terrorism alarm; Ashton Court Festival 2004...

June 2004

England & Wales

The summer starts here: a trip to our Pembrokeshire get-away; a REAL wall calendar; nice bus-t; how to sell a very old car in a day; oversize ego (I've passed my course!); jobsworth bus drivers; I do like to be beside the seaside (with a beautiful lady!); mum and dad's HDRA Open Garden; the Welsh Garden Project; a yurt party; my nephew's poo; Milton Keynes Temple innaugoration; the joys of being on hold ...

May 2004


The madness of credit card companies, are you a Toother?, the dictation machine, the Maxillofacial department, Exit Napolean Pursued by Rabbits, is cycling whilst drunk illegal? essay writing, dislocated arm, lusting after friends, a weekend in the woods with a very long rope (Marc's Stag Weekend), pelvic thrusts are the answer, Bush vs. Greenpeace: Not Guilty! situation vacant, my Mojo strikes back, Steiner education, my beautiful avocado, the latest pc mouse designed specifically for women, Marc and Angela's wedding, Taylor's Dummies, Sex Sex Sex in the garden...

April 2004


Old friends, artwork from Studio Orcop, yet another appearance on TV, a horrendous traffic accident?, bankruptcy, playing around in the woods with my girlfriend, "Never trust a man who when left alone in a room with a tea-cosey for half-an-hour doesn't try it on", drunken odds, oh to be single, essay avoidance tecniques, bankruptcy and budgets, this is what life's all about, my sun-deck, best not to use floor cleaner to wash your clothes...

March 2004


Is she my girlfriend? welly boots, wooden ducks and a lot of other rubbish; Bush tries to take over the world (again); share my love - more fan mail; frogspawn spotted in pond ("No way??!!); The No.12 to Paignton; fitting into the sock of life; the fight against bystander apathy; a dying mouse; email from Prime Minister Tony Blair; a psychodelic train trip - celebrating unemployment; honesty and vacuum cleaners; piece for solo flute and dolphin; Takeshi Kitano's Zatoichi...

February 2004


A near-death experience; Basil Brush and a dental receptionist; Ethical News Roundup; Tate Modern's Weather Project; Kodo Taiko Drumming Group; Sheffield University Open Day; the university's decision to let me in; I got my Mojo back!; a disturbing attraction to zebras; my sister Catherine; Viewing Figures from my BBC1 debut...

January 2004


Hooray! It's 2004!, Joseph as you've never seen her him before, a FANTASTIC New Year's Eve, dad's 60th - the family gathering, Amelie, in the psychiatrist's chair, my 26th birthday pot-bellied pig, the sexual life of earthworms, letter from a king, a tale of two blind dates, the "legalisation" of cannabis in the UK, Lost in Translation...


December 2003


Karma strikes again, where do ice creams come from? My national TV debut, Joseph all dressed up nice and sexy in his schoolgirl gear, Control Arms, What is the Meatrix? Lurgie and mad dreams, drunken post-sushi stunts, my ideal girlfriend, Milk Sucks, Moor Trees, resolutions fo next week, Meet my new girlfriend! Lord of The Rings III is out! Man of the Year Awards 2003, What planet are AOL on? You wanna do WHAT with me? Adventure of a lunchtime with Natalie and co, Christmas 2003, Bah Humbug to Christmas, New Year and the excitement of life, the end of an era as we say goodbye to The Office, end of the year resolve.

November 2003


A healthy bit of Bush Bashing, bog rolls get stressed too, a walk in the woods, fancy dress party, is that "Miss" or "Mrs"?, credit, credit everywhere, starring role in Company Magazine, my hair's falling out, a real-life love story, woops, I knew I shouldn't have picked up that shaver after drinking that bottle of baileys, EEEENNNNGRRRAAAAALAND win the world cup!, Stop Bu$h Bristol demo, Jacko on the run, falling through a rainbow, the banana phone, TGW survey results...

October 2003


Blaine and gherkins in London , End the occupation of Iraq march in London, my lovely amazing new nephew Jamie , pink and blue fetishes, Lost at sea in my local park, a Google image search , the meaning of "Joseph", seducing my boss, I like living here, Life in a world where heat doesn't rise, Essay avoidance tecniques, and then there was one, relationship barometer...

September 2003


Another Philippion loveletter, responsibility at work, I want to fall in love like they do in the movies, loo of the year awards, Milton Keynes: The UK's answer to Disneyland, the destruction of the planet, I'm a student!, Streets Alive 2003, Autumn, Childishness, My sister's had a baby!...

August 2003


The Orange Ashton Court Festival, the biggest BBQ in Hereford's history, Reunion with Timo, Joseph's UK TV debut, life in the clouds, Bristol Harbour Festival, Our manager is God, the Welsh birthday bash, my camp side, stuck between a lap post and a road sign, a Japanese picnic, drunken Dan, is anyone reading this?, time traveller, Cwmbrân Shopping, Massive Attack and Streets live in Bristol, Surfing in the south...

July 2003


Mad dogs and Joseph, Life in The Office, Fox in the house, every cloud has a silver lining, feeling low...

June 2003


Joke of the month, Banana bomb, Strawberry Farm weekend, a day at the races, PUBLIC HEALTH WARNING, The Isle of Wight Festival, GM Free Britain - It's now or never, parting pains, The welsh garden project, I Am Office Boy, ringing the bells, Riding Lights Theatre Company, guilt and sorrow, the opportunity to do WHAT to one another?...

May 2003


A night out with a bunch of students, my new room (it's bigger than a cupboard! , I want to understand alternative "stuff" too!, The BIG hill in the way, The morning-after poo, I'm a Traffic Enumerator!, Blockbusters in my head, no more alcohol binges for Joseph!, working with the cops, the Matrix Reloaded is out!, Bristol LIVE - one great free gig, why you should boycott Esso , a Japanese evening, the stinky brown coat, the monthly review...

April 2003


Severe reverse culture shock hits home, the world's most dangerous airline, arriving home, English cheekiness , Smoking Kills - can you say it any louder?, the legendary DJ Derek, Never make a call from Russia!, hitch-hiking the UK, Spring in England, Frances and the chimneypots, drugs on offer, foam party, jobseeking, my epilepsy calms down again, they always think I'm gay!, excited about uni, The Japanese Daily Mumble...

March 2003


An apologetic breakfast, my epilepsy worsens, the most amazing rollercoaster in the world, the Two-Headed Japanese Elephant, a dancing monkey, peace demonstration in Tokyo, what to do with the rest of my life? a night in the lockup, the decision to go to university, fear of parting from my girlfriend, our beautiful holiday in Okinawa, intelligent toilets, thoughts from 10,000 metres on culture shock and The Gaijin Bubble.

February 2003

January 2003


Be nice to me 2003!, The hamster that Bit, the taste of racism, a victim of society's unspoken rules?, dislocated shoulder, "There's a Squid on the line for you dear!", finding a place to live, my room with a view, my 25th Birthday, the all-over body-drier, escaping the Broom Cupboard, an accident on platform 4, consult your frying-pan, choices...


December 2002


Tokyo Disneysea, a parallel universe, "It's a learning experience Joseph!", international party, letter to my siblings, it's flavorful, YEAH!, the bronking aircorn, remembering the kanji, a drunk housewife attacks, sunset over Tokyo, walking the handbag, a mad night out with an Iranian Chicken Seller, Christmas 2002...

November 2002

Milan (Italy)
Tokyo (Japan)

bonfire night!, our countryside retreat, my first Christmas card, KOOP live, Billy Salisbury's homepage, Success and Failure, Tom Friedman exhibition, Derek the helium-filled Dalmatian, Coldplay live in Milan, live from 33,000 feet, jetlag, my new home in Tokyo - the broomcupboard, culture shock, Sheep chair, shall I go out tonight?...

October 2002

Milan, Italy

a night at the airport, my dented Mercedes, I spy my home from midair, a live eel up her shirt, Switzerland's Expo.02, Whiskey poisoning, the $2000 speaker story, Nicola Conte live, Milanese statues take a break, a romantic weekend break (alone), Halloween in Orcop, letting go of the stress...

September 2002

England, UK

return to Europe: Italy, The London and Fred Budgieman, Bows and arrows in Herefordshire, the Jubilee Maze, My little sister's wedding, illegal knickers, a fantastically large credit card bill...

August 2002

Niseko, Japan

solo night volcano climb, You know you've been in one place too long when..., drag queens , hot air ballooning, the Rat Race, eplilepsy and I: update, a Wednesday Mumble, "White Water" rafting, the ultimate Big Boy's Toy, Republic of Potato...

July 2002

Niseko, Japan

11 bets placed on the World Cup, rafting, Japanese construction workers, concrete hugging, the Sinkin Bank, de-icing a freezer with a chicken, Hello Kitty scooter granny, my bath, return of Harry and Larry, love...

June 2002

Niseko, Japan

hitch-hiking in Japan, volcano village, the most boring resort in the World, World Cup parties, A Hereford United supporter in Japan!, a shaved forearm, Joseph Fatty Tame, more World Cup parties, rocket powered shoe-car, cruising the highways on Hanachan...

May 2002

Niseko, Japan

settling into a foreign environment, monkey elected as Mayor, lost in the bamboo, Morris dancing, launch of Web-cam, speech to over 200 people in Japanese, the isolation begins to take its toll, Joseph's Japanese study program, brewery tour...

April 2002

Osaka, Japan

a few days in Kyoto, the one and only Uno House, row row row your boat, the electric bath, don't do it Joseph!, UFO live lobster catching, Buddha's Bogeys, Eric the clever pigeon, arrival at my home for the summer, Joseph's dungeon...

March 2002

Tokyo, Japan

the end of my OBC career, a three day hangover, the smell of freedom, cultural comparisons, the mystery surrounding skyscraper construction, the poo building, TGW goes biluingual, mature prostitution ring, leather bomb found on beach, cherry blossom parties, motorway fireworks, my national TV debut...

February 2002


earthquake in Tokyo, umbrella condoms, the tongue brush, "norck shake machin"...

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