It was challenging beyond our wildest expectations, an incredible experience.
Here's a photo of our two teams, and our amazing support team, taken at the finish line.

For a full account of proceedings, see our blog.

You can also download our Team report (with photos and all) here

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We were very sorry that our team mate, Tom, was taken ill on the morning of the event
and was unable to take part. Still, his contribution in terms of training was a major
factor in ensuring our successful completion of the course in just over 30 hours.

We came 39th and 44th out of 160 teams.

Thanks to you, we've also managed to raise £2,365 so far (590,000 yen)


At 9am on Friday the 18th May 2007,
two hundred teams of four will set out from Odawara on a gruelling
48-hour, 100km (62 mile) trek across Western Japan.

Their goal: the foot of the legendary Mount Fuji.

Two of these teams will be made up of Sheffield University students
on their "Year Abroad" at Tokyo universities, and their friends

The aim behind the event is to raise money for OXFAM Japan,
a member of OXFAM International,
which provides vital aid to some of the world's poorest communities
in times of severe crisis, and implements long-term plans
aimed at improving the lives of millions who live in poverty.

Our team aims to raise a combined total of approximately
¥480,000 (£2,000 / US$4,000)
money that will have a huge, positive impact
upon hundreds, if not thousands, of lives.

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If you have any questions,
please contact the team member that contacted you,
or email the team at:


Disclaimer: This is not an official OXFAM site.
We are a team of OXFAM supporters registered with OXFAM Japan to take part in the Oxfam Japan Trailwalker 2007

Contact the Trailwalkers at: thetrailwalkers@gmail.com
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