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Trailwalker: Joseph Tame
Joseph Tame is in his third year of a BA Japanese Studies degree at the University of Sheffield. Currently on his 'year abroad' at Rikkyo University (Tokyo), Joseph is having a great time getting fit for the hike ahead, whilst simultaneously taking on a challenge of equal proportions, that of finally getting to grips with the 2000+ characters that make up the kanji alphabet. Hobbies include photography, writing, positive thinking and chocolate-eating.
Trailwalker: Jon Perry
Jon is also currently in his 3rd year at Sheffield, studying for one year at Keio University in Tokyo. He is worrying that, as preparation for a 100km hike, taking the stairs at the station every morning rather than using the escalator is not quite going to be sufficient, no matter how fast he runs up them. Jon enjoys eating and drinking, tennis, and reading. He misses British beer terribly whilst in Japan, and would kill for a pint of real ale.

Nigel, whose head has a remarkable resemblance to that of a Chinchilla
Trailwalker: NIgel Dryden
Nigel, like Joseph is also a third year student melting his brain trying to learn kanji as well as come to terms with the delights of Japanese grammar. Currently studying at ICU in Mitaka-shi, but with very little free time, he rarely sees the light of day. However, as and when a free moment arises he usually spends the time reading a good book or on World of Warcraft.
Trailwalker: Vicky Berry
Vicky is currently on a career break from her job in Sheffield, England and enjoying her time in Japan teaching English. She is looking forward to the challenge of the walk and helping Oxfam at the same time. In her free time she enjoys reading and going to the cinema but needs to begin to start revising for exams later this year!
Trailwalker: Taro Tsujimura
Taro Tsujimura is currently studying for a PhD in Biology at Tokyo University, and is planning to go into research after graduation in 2008. In 2006 he took up marathon running, and has since completed his first 42km marathon. In April this year he will be running in the kasumigaura marathon, and then of course the 100km Trailwalk in May, which should be just as demanding, if not more so, than a full marathon.
Trailwalker: Osamu Yokokura
Osamu Yokokura is 29-years-old, and works for a Tokyo utilities company. He played the violin until the age of 18, and then went on to play hockey! In his current job as an electrical engineer, he spends a lot of time walking - visiting customers who are having problems with their supplies. As a keen walker, he is very much looking forward to the challenge that is The Oxfam Japan Trailwalk 2007!
Support Crew Leader: Takashi Nagamine
Takashi, whose 3 eldest daughters were educated in the UK (including Satoko, right, who studied for an MA at Sheffield University), has always loved Hiking. He can often be found scaling the heights of Japan's many mountains, when he is not training in the local park or looking after his two grandchildren. His role as support crew leader will involve over 500km of driving, providing the team with food, drink and clothing along the way.
Support Crew: Satoko Nagamine
Satoko, who in 2005~6 completed an MA in Intercultural Communication at Sheffield University, is now working in Tokyo. Her hobbies include reading, learning about optimal health and going to the movies. As a member of the support crew whe will be making sure that all the Trailwalkers get enough food, water and nutrition to help them stay the course.

Support Crew: Misako Futsuki
Misako, who in 2005_2006 studied as an exchange student at Sheffield Univesity, is now reading for a Masters at Hiroshima university. On the Friday of the Trailwalk she'll be travelling all the way up to Odawara, to help cheer the team on with her lovely smile as they tackle their great challenge.

Unfortunately, due to illness Tom was able to make use of his monkey skills on the day itself, but nonetheless played an important part in getting us across the finish line. Tom Kobayshi: Team Trainer & Would-be Trailwalker
Tom has been living and working in Tokyo, Japan for the past four and half years. He was a joint founder in an international school and now works as a corporate training consultant, where his past life as an accountant comes in mighty handy. He is married to Miyu, a fashion designer, and they're expecting their first child in August - very exciting but scary at the same time! In his spare time, Tom enjoys running, writing and when the chance arises, dancing.

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