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Name: Carlie and Amy

nice haircut.. dont worry one day the beckham haircut will all come together and people will be stopping u in the street asking u for ur autograph thinking that u are the real beckham! haha

Anyway it has been cool staying at the Milky House.. keep up the good work and keep on with your Japanese study!


Name: Diccon Allen

Joe, how are you?

I really like this website of yours, it's brilliant. I shall be using it in the future as a source of research for when I leave Britain in a years time, as I know very little about this big wide world we live in, apart from the fact that Britain is too expensive. The student loans company can b****r off if they think they're getting any money back from me! This will inevitably mean that I must excile myself for 5-10 years until all previous debts are rendered null and void, so I may see you there one of these days (wherever "there" may be!). If you have any suggestions as to what a travelling debt-dodging artist can do, please pass them on, as you are such a resoursefull chap! Cheers, and take care, from Diccon.

p.s - Love and best wishes from all the Allens.


Name: Bec Stone

Alright? Hello Scally Wag!! All I seem to get are short criptic emails that make me wonder what mischief you're up to now!! Wounds like you're having a ball matey!! London is great - great clubs, fun people, but I'm sort of thinking of moving somewere else - just to get a taste of what the Poms are really all about - if you know what I mean!!

ja ne Joseph! See you in the mother country in Sept yeah?

Love hugs Bec


Name: Jason Fletcher

how goes it m8 long time no speak, jus sitting here at college on a computer course twiddling my thumbs and thought id drop u a line my old email i hardly ever check anymore so dont bother sending to that web page is great us usual and is only getting better by the looks of things damn ur a git i wanna go travel but that involves getting a job and earning money :D i dont mind so much when im abroad because im doing something i enjoy and i want to explore but here in england costs... especially now nortel has gone more or less oh well... "Lifes a **** sandwich the more bread u have the less **** u gotta taste" getting the otchy toes again m8 (not a disease LOL the urge to go and travel) drop me a line m8 tell me how ur getting on

Stay cool joe ya nut :P

l8ers Wilf (Jason)


Name: Auntie Veron

Joe - how goes you?

Thanks very much for your postcards. Can't think why a bright young thing remembers a mad old aunt but maybe it's the madness that attracts? I'm impressed with your life so far - travel not being a strong point with me. Hope you integrate your otherworld identity with your original English one some time - don't worry too much though - I'm 49 and still have no identity that I can find yet.

We have just got another baby - from the RSPCA - a blue-eyed white and blue-merle lurcher pup called Zara. She is gorgeous and ensures that I can't go away for the next ten years at least unless we use the pet passport system - so lots more holidays in Billingham for now I guess. I hope you carry on with your travels while you are young and brave - you are giving yourself a really good start in life just by getting the experience. Hope to at least speak to you on the phone some time when you are visiting the UK. In the meantime congrats on all the 'stuff' on your website - isn't the computer world great? (I just play cards on mine - this is Thomas's machine)

Take care Joe. Bye for now.

Love from me.


Name: John -John Yoxall

You are nice!

I'm viewing you from the perspective of a small cactus farm in Hawaii. Soon I will move on to greener pastures. As I type, on the American telly is a retrospective about The Beat Generation and the book , "On the Road".We are!

Peace $ love

John John



Name: Roni

Love reading about your daily doings!

How are you coping with all our football hoons? It's Saturday night and today's weather was absolutely wonderful-did loads out in the garden (makes a change to working on the allotment!) Did you see the Proms from the Palace concert? It was really great. If only we'd come back from the Cricketers earlier we would have got to see it all!

Love and Ciao Roni


Name: Ben

Well, I've made it to your site at last, and found the photos, they go back a way don't they. You know I'll have to remember this, it a lot more straight forward than sending you hasselling e-mails to find out what you're up to take care man, Ben.


Name: Daniel Winch

I too is one one of those long lost Hfd Waldorf kids who also encountered the Steiner discipline. I am in that there Berlin that you mentioned and photographed and it is Beautiful. I remember you waking up on the top bunk of your Carevan in the School yard with a look of horror on your face, as 50 grubby little 'alternative' kids peered in the open door to take a look at the new kid. I will be moving to praha in the long term to run a hostel so please join me for a Staropromen and some Gulash at your earliest possible conveniance.


***Note from Joseph**

Thanks, will do! I too remember that first day at the Hereford Waldorf School - what a scary bunch you were!


Name: Jasons DAD In Devon

Hiya Joseph

Cool website m8 very impressive! A bit like yourself really :-) If you are reading this at home then ask yourself Y and get yer ass on the road!

Way to Go Joe


Name: Jason Fletcher (WILF)

Yo joe ya nut! howz it hangin' its been a while m8 howz life?? your web page is looking great m8 well done! hooked m8 :)) but im skint! well ill catch u up 1 day m8

c ya round >:) Wilf


Name: Bro' Stephen

Nice one Joe, looking better than ever, love the daily mumble. Don't suppose you can get pages like the daily mumble to default open at the bottom, and put latest text at the bottom? I'll write more soon

**Note from Joseph** Have done, your wish is my command!


Name: Lisa

Watcha mate! How's it hangin'? Just to let you know I haven't forgotten you and that an e-mail will be winging it's way to you v. soon! take it easy.Did ya like the trip around Tokyo Bay? Beautiful isn't it!? Did ya go to Odaiba? One of my fave places!


Name: Tito Poza

Well, Joseph, you are gone from OBC but not forgotten, especially as long as this web page continues to exist. We will miss your irrepressible spirit, strange sense of humour, and the lack of seriousness with which you take yourself.

And now, since you are gone, I'd like to set the record straight. Naturally, a person of your notoriety would be talked about, dare I say gossiped about, and so I would like to present a list of the top 10-untrue-rumours about you. These are presented strictly in the interests of accuracy and truthfulness, and not at all for a cheap laugh.

The Top 10 Untrue Rumours about Joseph Tame Spread At OBC: Joseph Tame...

10. did NOT give his boss vigorous daily shoulder and back rubs in order to curry favour.

9. did NOT, at the age of 18 and after a night of drunken revelry, have the words "handle with care" tattooed on his bum. (or the phrase, "this side up.")

8. has NOT been signed by Channel Four to star in a television series called "Tame? I Don't Think So!" in which Joseph lives in a large house with six nubile young stewardesses, but must pretend to be gay in order to mollify the old-fashioned landlord.

7. NEVER acosted Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi on the street and asked him, "hey, do you want to see a picture of a guy with an enormous scrotum?"

6. was NEVER caught in a love nest with Madonna, outside of which she was heard to yell, "enough!! Joseph, you're too much man for me!"

5. was NOT fired from an English conversation school because when a student asked the meaning of the word "moon," Joseph dropped his trousers and bent over.

4. did NOT have a fondness for plush, soft toys above and beyond what most people would consider normal.

3. did at NO time place a false advertisement in the Tokyo magazine Metropolis claiming to be a sex-starved young woman and generating 600 responses from sex-starved men, whose e-mail addresses would then be used to start a subscription website called "Association of Foreign Men Who Need Easy Women", to which Japanese women would pay large sums to access, earning Joseph a small fortune.

2. was NEVER heard to say to his co-worker Lisa, "don't tell Tito this, but if I could have any wish, it would be to be more like him."

And finally, the No. 1 Untrue Rumour about Joseph Tame Spread At OBC: Joseph Tame...

1. is NOT the illegitimate love child of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

Whew. I feel much better now that I know these slanders have been put to rest.



Name: Joseph Tame

Woops. I knew I shouldn't have given my boss my homepage address. (see below)


Name: A fellow monkey

Work even a monkey could do, eh?

Well, it seems you're taking your job a bit too lightly, my boy! We'll have to do something about this and force you to put that nose to the least for the last 3 days of your contract.


Name: The Knights who say "Ni"

vell miss honneeyy ridder pig-doooogg, you're father vas a hamster and your muther smelt of elderberries!!!


Name: Lisa

I sink you are ze filthy pig dog,mais oui!


Name: Dan Browne

Hey, I've just been looking round your site joseph - it really is interesting man. I hope things are well with you and yours.



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