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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I am such a good boy!

I wrote another essay this evening. This time about the Spratly island dispute (it's a bunch of islands in the South China Sea claimed by six nations. I argued that that dispute is way more volatile than either North Korea or the Taiwan issue. Let's hope that question comes up next week eh?)

Tomorrow I have East Timor and, oh, North Korea to look forward to. And, if I'm really good, perhaps a third essay on Environmental Security.

The idea is that I get War and Peace in East Asia revision done by tomorrow night, then I can move on to Issues in Modern Japanese History - do that Friday and Sunday (Saturday is spent revising Kanji and grammar on the train back to Sheffield), then I can revise grammar after my exams on Monday and Tuesday in preperation for that exam on Thursday.

last minute? me? noooooo...


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