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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Back already?

Yes, The Daily Mumble is back here, at after an unsuccessful one-month trial on some server owned by, that I think must have been clockwork, or running on rechargeable batteries that had a habit of going flat every five minutes.

The rather bizarre thing is, is that I can't access the old version now I've chosen to move TDM back here - I'm locked out. Thus, no notice of the move, no ability to delete it even. It's stuck there, for life, along with another ex-blogger site of mine. But we won't go into that. Nooooooooo. Instead, we'll have some pretty little wooden barrels that are the cargo of a wee little toy truck on the bookshelf behind me.

So, yes, sorry for all the fuss. Believe me though, it's a lot more hassle for me having to retype the whole month than for you, updating your bookmarks with a couple of clicks.

Anyway anyway, I have to up in 6 hours, and awake enough to handle a chainsaw without chopping my leg off. So I'd better go to bed.

Night Night!!


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