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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

la di da

Me? Obsessed?


Anonymous Simon said...

" *cough* rather daftly make a joke tonight about taking a photo every week of the condom square to track our progress...!!"

lol..amazing how the daftest ideas can actually come to fruition, eh?
Anyway isn't this one of those things that's out of date by the time you've posted it? ;)

8/3/06 11:50  
Blogger Joseph said...

Well, no-one I know ever checks this site...

Who are you anyway? :-p

9/3/06 00:06  
Anonymous Amelia said...

Yes, no-one you know at all... :P

9/3/06 01:44  
Blogger Joseph said...

No, sorry, haven't a clue who you are either. Next thing I know you'll both be telling me you're my course mates or something ridiculous like that.

9/3/06 01:50  
Blogger Joseph said...

and incidentally Simon, I thought you said your internet was down?!

Down enough to pass your internet-errands onto me, but somehow NOT down enough to go looking at pornographic images of condoms! I bet it's you that is responsible for the continuing domination of the phrase "Horse C*ck" in the list of searches done with Google resulting in TGW being returned. (Incidentally, "C*ck Horse" made its debut yesterday. Perhaps you were feeling a bit dyslexic?)

9/3/06 01:59  

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