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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Hello hello.

Another good days work then. Managed to finally clear that patch of land of stumps, roots, plastic and 15-year-old flowerpots. Tomorrow I shall rev up my rotavator and get stuck in (hopefully not literally).

Today's Random Photo: 'Across the River Han' (Seoul, 2003)

And what a big river it is.

It seems that Joseph crossed the line when posting a story entitled "Oh God" a few days ago. Joseph has now removed the post, and would like to offer his apologies to all of those affected (most noteably AC, LH & JA). To those others who were not personally affected by the story but sent in dissaproving messages, I would like to pretend to be an American Citizen for a moment (just for a moment though, the thought of having a mentally deranged monkey with a fondness for spending tax-payers money on killing other people in charge of my homeland is pretty scary. It's bad enough having his poodle in Downing Street) and cite Amendment I of the Bill of Rights.

I thankyou.


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