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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Horse in Shibuya

I've seen this horse a few times in Shibuya. It tends to frequent the mobile phone shops for some reason. I can't think why though - have you ever seen a horse using a mobile phone? I mean, how would they hold them? I guess they could stand up on their hind legs and clutch them between two hoofs. Or, they could have bluetooth headsets I spose, with voice dialing.

Hmmm. Something to think about.


Blogger Shari said...

Hmm. Is this a new thing you're doing where you put up digital manipulations and make whimsical posts about them? I noticed that this post and the one that follows it are Photoshop concoctions.

1/7/07 09:27  
Blogger Joseph said...

I tell you Shari, this procrastination thing, it's bad...

1/7/07 09:51  

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