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Friday, September 28, 2007

You don't know me but, (...I know everything about you)

Last night, whilst loitering in the Student Union foyer waiting for folks to turn up for our first Japan Soc social, I was approached by a a stranger who said,
"You must be Joseph! How's your knee now?"

This reference to an injury I sustained in the spring in Japan through the Trailwalker Challenge came as something as a surprise to me - who was this guy, and how did he know about my knee?

"Oh, and congratulations on the engagement! How is *Twinkle* by the way?"

Seeing me looking a little freaked out he began to explain,

Well, the thing is, I found your podcast online, been listening to the archives for the past couple of months. I've not had internet access lately so haven't been able to check the Mumble - but obviously you got back OK from where I left you in Russia!

Ah, so that's why you know everything about me...

I used to feel uneasy about people in real life plugging in to TGW (it's private, don't you know!). These days it's not really an issue. Mind you, only this week I was talking with someone who was expressing alarm at the thought of sharing so much stuff with the world - doesn't it leave one vulnerable?

Well, yes it does, should one choose to react to negative feedback / mini hate-sites with an attitude of fear and hurt. However, should one choose to accept criticisms with an attitude of gratitude, then it's a different story.

Oh, that's not an invitation by the way :-)

As it happens, the chap I met yesterday was very complimentary about my podcast/blog/photos; that kind of positive feedback is priceless, and makes it all worthwhile!

Anyway, today is Friday. Meeting day. Registration day. Happy day. Time to embrace it.

love joseph


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