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Monday, October 08, 2007


If I carry on like this I am not going to get the grade I want, so, inspired by JimJamJenny, tonight I am making the decision to impose some harsh rules on how I spend my time - phase one begins now, and finishes next Sunday, when the situation will be reviewed.

The plan involves daily targets, 48-hour targets (which are expansions of Daily targets to allow flexibility when necessary) and weekly targets.

For example:

Every day:
  • meditate for 20 mins
  • exercise for 20 mins
  • Write Japanese for 20 mins (minimum)
  • Read Japanese for 20 mins (minimum)
  • Kanji: 30 mins (minimum)
  • (Eat properly, drink water, sleep by 11.30pm, up 6am)

Every 2 Days
  • 3 hours kanji
  • 1 hour writing Japanese
  • 1 hour reading Japanese
  • 30 mins grammar
  • 2 hours on Society and Culture module
  • 2 hours on Chinese environment module

Every week

  • Cycle for at least 90 mins
  • Website work (not including Blog): 3 hours max
  • CILASS 1 ~ 4 hours per week

In addition to this
  • Only check emails twice a day, max email session 30 mins (includes japansoc email writing)
  • Maximum of 2 blogs per week, not more than 45 minutes writing a mumble.
Wish me luck!



Anonymous Jenny said...

wow, you're going to be much more disciplined than me! ganbatte! :)

14/10/07 03:00  

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