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Monday, November 26, 2007

Interview Manners in Japan

NO NO no nono nononono

If it was a piss-take it would be funny.

...But as it's real it's positively scary. Someone, save that country!

A guide to Interview Manners for graduate jobseekers in Japan.

(If unable to see video watch it here)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Joseph!
Even though I am Japanese, this training video for jobseekers seems to be really weird!
I have some experience to evaluate jobseekers when I was in Japan, no body would do exactly as what is instructed on this guidance video.
Don't worry about that mentioned on that seriously.
I suppose it's good as a comedy.


26/11/07 09:03  
Blogger Bibi said...

Now one understands how Shoko Asahara got his goons to do their deadly deeds and why depression is hitting the stratosphere here, unfortunately this the video is how things are, it is not comedy!


27/11/07 17:48  

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