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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Productivity and happiness

Wow, another productive day. I'm finding proper planning so useful - by putting absolutely everything in my calendar and then printing it out a-week-to-a-page, I feel in control even when I have a hectic schedule.I can see it all laid out before me.

Today's was particularly busy.

Starting at 6am: 2 hours of part-time work, an hour of podcast / commercial creation (to avoid having to pay for bandwidth! - thanks Positive Internet!) 5 hours of meetings, 2 hours of lectures, half an hour of exercise, half-an-hour of food shopping, 4 hours of work / society related emails & website work, an hour of working on my speech-contest entry ...and lots of jogging in-between!

I don't think I could keep this kind of routine up for a long time, but for now it's really making me buzz. I don't feel all that tired, I don't feel stressed. I'm eating healthily (that's the great thing about [some] meetings, you get free food which includes lots of fruit that gets neglected!)

Really looking forward to the holidays though :-)

Oh, watched a fascinating video on Happiness yesterday (thanks jason), another one of the great TED series.

I think this goes some why towards explaining why I feel so happy, and have done for so long. Makes me feel justified! Not that I have to justify myself!

It's about 20 minutes long, well worth watching.


Anonymous Ronnie said...

So even if you get a 3rd, you'll be just as happy as with a 1st. Comforting news!

28/11/07 23:04  
Blogger Joseph said...

I guess I will! Caw, that takes the pressure off!

I guess it will require me to really convince myself that a third is the thing I really want though. Any suggestions as to how that could be done warmly welcomed!

29/11/07 01:32  

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