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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Laziness leads to pain least it does when tea pots full of just-boiled water are concerned.

Not wanting to have to put the teapot down in order to turn the door handle, I held it in my fingers and turned the handle with my palm, the result being a great gush of scalding water all over my wrist and hand. Ouch.

Well, I didn't need the use of that hand anyway, what with the website deadline now only being 24 hours away...

At least it was herbal tea.


I love days like this.

First, I got a toasty wrist - and now my MacBook's 100GB hard drive has died, not to be replaced until Wednesday! [Good job you can run MacBooks using an iPod as the system disk!]

Let this be a warning - All Hard drives WILL fail!


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