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Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm 30

Hmmm, well 27 minutes into my thirties, I don't feel that different.

Last time I had a birthday like this, I was, er, 20.

I can't have changed much since then.

Let's check shall we?

Twenty-year old Joseph does look a bit young I suppose. A little on the innocent side. Mind you, that's hardly surprising, I hadn't found my wig back then.

Oh, but hang on! What's that?! Look, up there, forehead's GOT BIGGER!

If that is anything to go by, by the time I'm 40 & 50 I'm going to look like this!

Cripes! Where's that hair grower?!

It's a good job *Twinkle* doesn't know about this blog, otherwise she might call off the wedding!


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