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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Interview: 12th February at the Embassy

Caw blimey, it's all happening. Just got a letter from the embassy - interview on the 12th February for the post of CIR.

I called them a few minutes ago to confirm that I would like to attend. No problems there. Then, about 30 seconds later my Skype phone rings - it's the Embassy.

"We received an email from you a couple of days ago, saying that you were going to be attending a wedding as a groom? Are we to take it then that you are going to get married? If so, we need that information for our database...

Having noted the wedding details and the fact that *Twinkle* is Japanese, the chap, who until that point had been deadly serious and professional, started to laugh and said,
"And of course, Congratulations!"


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